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Finanzialisierung von Landwirtschaft sichtbar machen?

Sarah Ruth Sippel & Lea Bauer: "Finanzialisierung von Landwirtschaft sichtbar machen? Zum reflexiven und epistemischen Potential experimenteller Visualisierung"

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Rene Umlauf & Marian Burchardt: "Africa-as-a-service: Digital Health and the Rise of Drone Infrastructures"

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The West and the Word

Steffen Wöll: "The West and the Word. Imagining, Formatting, and Ordering the American West in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Discourse", Dialectics of the Global, 13

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Transnational Religious Spaces

Religious Organizations and Interactions in Africa, East Asia, and Beyond ----- Edited by Philip Clart & Adam Jones

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Alternative Globalizations

The collection "Alternative Globalizations. Eastern Europe and the Postcolonial World", edited by James Mark, Artemy Kalinovsky and Steffi Marung, is the first to explore alternative forms of globalization across the socialist world during the Cold War.

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Affective Trajectories

The contributors to 'Affective Trajectories: Religion and Emotion in African Cityscapes' examine the mutual and highly complex entwinements between religion and affect in urban Africa in the early twenty-first century.

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The Many Facets of Global Studies

This publication, edited by Konstanze Loeke and Matthias Middell, assembles contributions on the emergence and developments of Global Studies from more than 30 authors around the globe.

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The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies

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