Transimperial history (TIH) is an emerging field situated at the interface of global history, empire studies, and postcolonial theory. By bringing different empires into one analytic field, the approach aims at reframing, decentralizing, and dynamizing empire studies. Therefore, TIH explores colonial competition, cooperation, and connectivity not as separate phenomena but as entangled processes of imperial transformation.  Moreover, TIH looks not only across empires but also beyond them. In doing so, it reflects on the legacy of colonialism, thus speaking to some of the most crucial political, economic, and social challenges we are facing today.


Through its research and activities, the Centre endeavours to further transimperial history while making more visible and accessible all things transimperial.

Empires have all too often been studied in isolation, and many, especially non-European ones, have been rather marginalized. Countering this silo approach, the Centre advances the transimperial history approach of investigating the breadth and depth of empires.

By incorporating diverse perspectives, the Centre aims is to strengthen the dialogue between European and non-European as well as Global North and Global South institutions and scholars working on transimperial history.

Transimperial history has the potential to address a broad spectrum of global spaces and historical periods. The Centre promotes the field’s diversity by dedicating itself to interdisciplinary research approaches and projects that incorporate different perspectives.

Transimperial history is a field in the making and, as such, remains comparatively less institutionalized than other history fields. The Centre serves as a contact point for existing projects while helping to develop and support new ones.

The Centre develops innovative teaching tools for transimperial history, particularly for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, that merge analogue and digital approaches.

The Centre organizes the “Meet the Author” series for an interested public to introduce books that are breaking new ground within transimperial history. Furthermore, the “Research Showcase” series acts as a platform for young scholars to present their work. Both are organized in partnership with Doshisha University Kyoto.


Center for Transimperial History, Doshisha University, Japan

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The Working Group on Trans/Anti-Imperialism, World History Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Working Group on Trans/Anti-Imperialism

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Imperial Entanglements Research Project, Italy

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Transimperial History Podcast

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