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Veranstaltungsort: Computational Humanities Lab (P612, Paulinum) oder online

In this format, digital methods and tools of the Digital Humanities are presented and discussed. The methods presentation is aimed at all those interested in learning about such tools and methods or integrating them into their research.

Redner: Dr. Julius Wilm (SFB 1199, ReCentGlobe)

Historians consider positivist data, most often collected by governments for their specific purposes, to be biased and questionable--for a good reason. In the discipline, analyses based heavily on quantitative data have fallen out of fashion. This session will discuss examples from the presenter's research on settler colonialism to explore how historians can use layering in GIS to link and critically deconstruct historical data. This way, large scale of models can be preserved but complemented by a data critique.

We look forward to welcoming you in person at the Computational Humanities Lab (P612, Paulinum). If this is not possible for you, you can join the event via Zoom.